Terms and conditions of sale on the WEBSITE: www.seedmakers.com which is owned by HEMP TRADING, SL, hereinafter HEMP TRADING, which is this website’s administrator.

Due to the content and purpose of the WEBSITE, people who desire information must fill in the contact form or write to the contact email, and those who want to purchase products offered on this website, must register on the USERS/CUSTOMERS form, which is acquired by completing the PURCHASE form. Your data will be incorporated into an automated file for your protection in application of Article 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation-EU-2016/679, of the Parliament and Council of Europe of 27 April 2016, and LOPD-3/2018, on the Guarantee of Digital Rights of 5 December, Directive 2011/83/EU, on the rights of consumers, the Law applicable to Electronic Commerce 34/2002, LSSI-CE, Law 9/2014, General Telecommunications Law, and Law 3/2014, of 27 March, which amends the revised text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws.


THE WEBSITE: www.seedmakers.com for which HEMP TRADING is the Administrator, is a company dedicated to the sale of products in the cannabis sector. HEMP TRADING makes available to customers the products of our website, always recommending that responsible use is made of these products and that such usage is in accordance with what is legally established in each country.

By Law 20/1985, of 25 July, on prevention and assistance in the field of substances that can generate dependence, with the latest amendment of 30 December 2011, in its Article 24.2, to access the purchase of products on this website, it is a requirement that people must be over 18 years old.


The prices shown on the WEBSITE include VAT on all products.


Once an order has been formalised, that is to say, with the acceptance of the terms and conditions, conditions of web use and confirmation of the purchasing process in the section MY CART, the website administrator www.seedmakers.com will send an email to the USER/CUSTOMER, confirming the details of the products purchased.


The USER/CUSTOMER, will pay with the currency of the EURO € at the time of ordering the product.

This WEBSITE complies with the PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standard) which is of mandatory compliance for all those websites that store, handle and process sensitive financial information such as bank card details.

The USER/CUSTOMER, will be able to pay the amount corresponding to their order by means of the following payment systems:


The amount of the order is payable in cash at the time of receipt by the agency. This service is managed by the transport company Nacex.

Once your details have been confirmed by a security call from our sales team and the time of receipt has been confirmed, your order will take between 24-48 hours to arrive.

*This payment method is currently only available for orders to Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands).


It is an easy and secure online payment system on the web. Link your credit cards to your PayPal account and when you want to pay, simply log in with your email and password and choose the card you want to use to make the payment. All product payment information is handled privately by PayPal. For more information CLICK HERE


When we receive an order which uses the transfer payment method, we will contact you by email to provide you with the bank details where you must make the transfer or bank deposit.

When the order is verified, it will be shipped. Verification of payment from other banks may take 24-48 hours. To speed up such payment, we advise you to make the deposit directly into your account, it is immediate.

*This payment method is currently only available for purchases made from any country in Europe.

Payments made by bank transfer will not be effective until the amount of the order is paid into the bank account of the Web administrator.

In any case, Seedmakers is in no way at all related to the data provided in the payment gateway and has no access to the private data provided.

The USER/CUSTOMERmust notify the website administrator of any undue or fraudulent charge in the payment system used, by e-mail to the following address pedidos@seedmakers.com or by telephone on: +34 96 120 37 87 in the shortest possible time so that the administrator can make the necessary arrangements.

If you have any queries, you can contact the customer service team on our social networks and through our email. It is not possible to pay by credit card over the phone because we do not take bank details in compliance with Data Protection regulations.


Depending on the destination of the order, various modes or methods of shipping can be used, each mode and each destination have shipping times that are specified in the order confirmation process in the description of each product.

Once the purchase operation is completed on our website, we begin to prepare the shipment within a maximum period of 24-72 hours,, working days. If the USER/CUSTOMERprefers the shipment to be sent by registered mail instead of by transport agency, he/she must specify this in the order’s comments box.

Deliveries to Spain and Portugal are by default carried out by the agency (NACEX) with an approximate delivery time of 48 hours, except to the Canary Islands whose shipments are made through registered letter sent through the Correos de España. In both cases the USER/CUSTOMER can track the order using the code that will be provided by us.

In case of international shipments (Europe only), se they are carried out only by Correos de Españaregistered letter. The average duration of the shipment varies according to the destination.

Shipments to Spain and Portugal are free on purchases over or equal to €40. Otherwise, the cost of postage is €5 + VAT. For all other shipments, the shipping cost is €10 + VAT for any European country, and €15 + VAT for shipments to Latin America.

*We do not ship to Africa, Asia or Oceania.

The product is shipped in its packaging in a common bubble envelope for reasons of safety and protection.

The website administrator will not be responsible for any errors caused in delivery when the delivery address entered by the USER/CUSTOMER on the order form does not correspond to reality or has been omitted. Deadlines may vary due to logistical reasons or force majeure. In case of delays in deliveries, the website administrator will inform its USER/CUSTOMER as soon as it becomes aware of them.

Each delivery is considered to have been made from the moment the product is made available to the USER/CUSTOMER, which is materialised through the control system used by the shipping system. Delays in delivery will not be considered in cases where the order has been made available to the USER/CUSTOMER within the deadline and could not be delivered for reasons attributable to the USER/CUSTOMER.

When the order leaves our company, an email will be sent to you, as the USER/CUSTOMER, notifying you that your order is being sent by the courier system so you can follow the course of the order.


If at the time of delivery the USER/CUSTOMER is absent, the delivery person will leave a slip indicating how to proceed to collect the order. The website administrator contracts as part of the delivery service a courier or transport company, which will ensure that the delivery takes place.

If 7 working days have passed after the order leaves to be delivered, and delivery has not been concluded, the USER/CUSTOMERshould contact the website administrator.

In the event the USER/CUSTOMER does not proceed in this way, after the working days stipulated by the delivery person from the departure to distribution of the order, it will be returned, and the USER/CUSTOMER must bear the costs of shipping and return of the order, as well as the associated management costs.

If the reason for such non-delivery is the loss of the order, HEMP TRADING will initiate an investigation, which will delay the delivery of the order, a circumstance that the administrator of this website will resolve with the customer.


The USER/CUSTOMER must check to see if the order is in good condition, in front of the delivery person who, on behalf of the website administrator, has delivered the requested product. If subsequently, once the products have been reviewed, the USER/CUSTOMER detects any incident such as signs of having been tampered with or any damage caused by shipment, you must notify the website administrator as soon as possible by telephone: +34 96 120 37 87 or to the email: pedidos@seedmakers.com.



Seedmakers is committed to excellent customer service. Therefore, our customer service team, either on social networks or in the contact menu, is available to resolve any problem with our articles or shipments in a fast and efficient way.

If you wish to make a complaint about a purchase made via our website, it is necessary to inform us as soon as possible of delivery, indicating the order number and specific details of the problems encountered. Once your claim has been processed by our team, you will be asked for additional information for added security. Such information can communicated to us by phone: +34 96 120 37 87 or to the email: pedidos@seedmakers.com.

In accordance with Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 in its Article 71, and Law 3/2014 of 27 March, any products purchased on this website may be returned and refunded, provided that the USER/CUSTOMER, communicates their intention of returning the product(s) to the administrator. The user/customer will have a period of 14 DAYS from receipt of the product(s) purchased until its/their return and arrival at the premises of HEMP TRADING.

The right of withdrawal shall not be applicable, in accordance with Article 103 of Law 3/2014, when the following sections apply:

  • Any supply of goods whose price depends on financial market fluctuations which the entrepreneur cannot control and which may occur during the withdrawal period
  • Any supply of goods made according to the specifications of the consumer and user or which are clearly personalised.
  • Any supply of goods that are likely to deteriorate or expire rapidly
  • Any supply of sealed goods which are not suitable for return for reasons of health protection or hygiene and which have been unsealed after delivery.

The website administrator will only accept returns that meet the following requirements:

  • The product must be in the same condition in which it was delivered and must retain its original packaging and labelling.
  • The shipment must be made using the same box or packaging in which it was received so that the product is protected.
  • In the event that it can not be carried out in the packaging it was delivered, the USER/CUSTOMER, must return the shipment in protective packaging so that the product reaches the website administrator’s entity with the maximum possible guarantees for review.
  • A copy of the delivery note or invoice issued must be included inside the packaging, where the reason for the return is also explained.

If the reason for the return is attributable to the website administrator (the product is incorrect or incomplete, it is not what was ordered, etc.), the return amount will be reimbursed. If the reason is other than that, the cost of the return expenses will be charged to the USER/CUSTOMER.

The USER/CUSTOMER, must return the products using the same system through which the shipment was delivered.

The website administrator accepts and processes returns under the protection of the above mentioned Spanish and EU Laws.

All the seeds we commercialise are collectible objects whose germination is prohibited in Spain; this is why claims related to the germination thereof will not be attended to.


Money will be refunded, if desired, on items not expressly ordered out of catalogue. This right does not apply to products ordered specifically with personalised items.

Only in the event that the physically delivered service is defective or incorrect, will the website administrator also reimburse the USER/CUSTOMER, for the corresponding expenses.

The website administrator will manage the order for the refund of the order amount, under the same system that was used for payment. The application of the refund on the account or card of the USER/CUSTOMER will depend on the payment system and the issuing entity.


These terms and conditions of sale and use are governed by the applicable Spanish legislation. To resolve any dispute or conflict that may arise, the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of PICASSENT (Valencia-Spain), Judicial District of BENIPARRELL, the hometown of HEMP TRADING, the owner of the WEBSITE, unless the law imposes another jurisdiction.

According to Article 24.2, of Law 20/1985, as last amended on 30 December 2011, purchases will only be accepted from persons over 18 years of age.

By Law 7/2017 of 2 November, in its Article, 40.5, which transposes into Spanish law Directive 2013/11/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May, in its Article 5.1, concerning alternative dispute resolution in consumer matters, we put at your disposal the Online Dispute Resolution Platform.


HEMP TRADING hereby informs of the possibility of exercising the rights of access, rectification, opposition, suppression, limitation, and portability, so that the user can obtain a copy of the personal data provided on the web in order to be able to transmit such data to other services, these rights may be exercised by any means that leaves evidence of its sending and receipt to the address: CAMINO DE POLIO 51, Post Code: 46469, Locality: BENIPARRELL, Province: VALENCIA, Email: info@seedmakers.com providing a photocopy of your ID card or alternative documentation which proves your identity.


HEMP TRADING informs that there are countries where cannabis seeds are illegal and/or it is illegal to germinate them. Similarly, the rules governing the possession and export of marijuana seeds vary from one country to another, which is why the USER/CUSTOMER should find out about the legislation of the country of residence before placing an order and act in accordance with it.

The possession of cannabis seeds in Spain is not a criminal offence (Vienna Convention of 1961), however, the cultivation of cannabis may be subject to administrative and criminal sanctions according to Article 25.1 of the Organic Law for the Protection of Public Safety and Article 368 of the Criminal Code. The USER/CUSTOMER who purchases our products is responsible for the use thereof, without any user/customer being induced by HEMP TRADING to make any use of the product which is not legally permitted.

Descriptions of the products on our website are merely informative.

The purchase of these products is not allowed from countries where the possession of marijuana seeds is legally prohibited. However, if someone makes a purchase from one of those countries, the company will have no responsibility for any legal problems that may arise and will not make refunds for materials seized or rejected by customs in the performance of their duty.

HEMP TRADING is not responsible for the use that the client makes of the seed, the use thereof being the sole and exclusive responsibility of the client in accordance with the laws established in each country. We always recommend that the USER/CUSTOMER act with commitment and responsibility.